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Serviced apartments in Singapore provide travelers and business people with alternative accommodation that is cheaper and amenities not available in hotels. They provide users with the comfort of home and privacy with a housekeeper that provide services such as cleaning. Notably these serviced apartment does not only require users who stay for long, but those staying within the city for a shorter period can book as well. Serviced residence Singapore provide guests with bespoke experience and accommodation since they offer customized and exclusive experience. They will be able to access secure parking and cook their own meals.

  • Space

The Serviced apartment provides more space especially those staying in the city for a longer period. These apartments have a separate dining and living area; thus, users will not be confined to a single room. Those traveling for the long business trip and need to unwind from crazy and tiring journey, serviced residence Singapore makes one feel at home. The environment is comfortable and secure with entertainment equipment at one’s disposals such as music system, telephone line, and Wi-Fi.

  • Home-away-from home experience

Serviced Residence Singapore offer travelers and holiday makers with an expedient configuration for group and family travels. The serviced residence Singapore have bathrooms and bedrooms that are unattached from living area, which is suitable for couples traveling with their children. They provide users with space and privacy, as well as, a place to hand together as family or group.

  • Tranquility and peace of mind

The less frequent housekeeping is an added advantage of serviced residence Singapore. Traditional hotels have their housekeeper waking users every day to clean, which can be distractive when one needs tranquility and peace. In the service apartments, the cleaning is conducted a few times a week, which is convenient for users. The concierge is available 24/7 to help guests with social arrangements and individual travel. They are armed with the knowledge of local links, restaurants, theater showing, delivery services, and transport links. This will make the stay at the city a special and memorable experience

  • Cheaper price

The price of serviced residence Singapore is cheaper when compared to hotels as they are charged per apartment rather than per head. Also, the guests are allowed to cook their meals, which helps to save costs. Those seeking to book needs to make prior arrangements and book early to get good deals. Doing research on available apartments and their rates is key in saving cost and enhancing the experience. Those staying for longer period enjoy beneficial rates to help them enjoy the experience and satisfaction of value for money.

Post Author: linmy Li