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Corset tops are permanent features of female fashion. Because a narrow waist and prominent breasts are essential for a good-looking urban female, corset tops are frequently worn to protect that image. However, some corset tops are sold at eye-popping prices. Can you pay more than $200 for a corset top? Would you believe that some are even sold for more than $250?

Dear, some of the people on this planet are only able to afford their next meal and work hard for the next repast! At this point, where to find a cheap corset top is a matter of not life, but at least a matter of being attractive. And for cheap corset tops, Burvogue, a China-based cheap lingerie manufacturer and wholesale trader comes as a good choice.

On Burvogue’s official website, corset tops have prices ranging generally from $6.99 (a steel boned jacquard overbust at the time I visited their website) to $21.49 (a double steel boned reversible steampunk during the same visit). However, Burvogue is prone to making striking discounts like a 90% discount on a product, and that is an unbelievable thing for a company already selling cheap products. The products are already cool, and it is quite striking buying a product on discount for a price of $0.99!

You can simply register to and after logging in, you can choose a product and add to cart. When you register, you’re awarded a $10 coupon! After choosing the products, you can do the payment with PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. As Burvogue is based in China, the products are shipped from either Guangzhou port or airport after a period of 1-5 days for quality checking and arrangement of a suitable shipment and you receive your new corset top! Cool! Want a cheap corset top? Try Burvogue!

Post Author: linmy Li